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Building Sustainable Leadership In Business & Government

Our View
Many new executives are caught off balance by becoming a public figure in their work community. Actions taken by executives have a serious impact on an enterprise or agency and are closely watched. An executive's individual work and personal style are generally seen by others in the organization as a true reflection of the values and priorities of an enterprise.

Leaders who become astute observers of organizational culture can design their enterprises to evoke trust, cooperation, accountability and respect. These are hallmarks of high-performing, innovative and thriving enterprises. Outstanding executives shape the structure and brand of the enterprise, its policies procedures, formal and informal networks, and its business metrics.

Leadership presence, vision, observational acumen, and the ability to inspire commitment and align purpose in others are crucial success factors that do not just happen. Developing a leader's presence and impact can be accelerated with skilled coaching. At Schilling & Maure, we see that effort as a pragmatic process where leadership qualities and skills are assessed, learned and practiced.

Our Approach
Schilling & Maure, Inc. offers a multi-disciplinary approach addressing leadership, communications, strategy, and systems, that leaves our clients more competent to create and sustain effective, accountable and high-involvement organizations.

Our Services
Our principals provide coaching and advisory services to new and transitioning executives so that they embody the strategic, political and relational skills needed to sustain excellence in their roles and organizations. We have the capacity to work with individuals, teams, and entire enterprises.

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About Charlotte...
l have been left with tools that will enable me to continue to benefit from this experience. I was amazed at how quickly my coach was able to tune into the fundamental issues we were dealing with... One key element of our coaching program was something I would have never identified as an "issue" but is clearly central to many areas where I have difficulty. It is linked to being able to read where people are emotionally, it is linked to how I interact with others, it is linked to how I come across and my ability to be an effective advocate.
Kelly - Sr. Manager, public sector agency

About Robert...
He brought an effective mix of public sector and private sector experience, along with an obvious track record in making tough decisions. His skills in the organizational area were impressive. Even better was his value as a management coach, both one-on-one and in a group setting.
Bernard - law enforcement executive

About Julie...
Results include being so much more aware of myself as a leader in virtually all conversations. Being centered and present in conversations - especially difficult and highly emotionally charged ones (for me and/or for others) - is something that I now focus on and work hard at.
Shauna - Fortune 100 executive